A single drunk driving conviction can have serious consequences, from driver’s license suspension to significant fines. A conviction for a second or third DUI carries with it enhanced penalties that can affect you personally and professionally for years.

At the Wilton Law Firm, we represent clients in New Jersey who have multiple DUI/DWI arrests and convictions. Prosecutors are very aggressive in seeking convictions for drunk driving, so it is critical to have a defense attorney on your side who can stand up for your rights and fight back. With more than 30 years of combined experience, our Monmouth County repeat DWI defense lawyers are ready to do that for you.

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We provide powerful and proactive criminal defense for those accused of repeat DWI throughout New Jersey. To achieve the best possible outcome, we look for opportunities not only to fight the current charge but also to invalidate the first DUI conviction.

Our goal is to help clients avoid having their lives upended by the harsh penalties of a second or third conviction, which include:

  • Second DUI offense within 10 years: Driver’s license suspension of up to two years; more than $4,000 in fines and surcharges; up to 90 days in jail; and one to three years of using an ignition interlock device
  • Third DUI offense within 10 years: Loss of driver’s license for 10 years; nearly $6,000 in fines and surcharges; up to 180 days in jail; ignition interlock for one to three years

Our deep experience representing clients in DWI/DUI cases allows us to quickly evaluate your situation and take steps necessary to protect your rights. You should not plead guilty without first talking to one of our attorneys.

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