With more than 20 years of litigation experience, we at Wilton Law Firm know personal injury law and what it takes to successfully litigate a personal injury claim.

Many law firms and Monmouth County accident lawyers & injury attorneys seek out clients by spending enormous amounts of money advertising on television, newspapers, phonebooks and the Internet. Some even resort to sending direct solicitation letters to individuals with information gained from police reports and other public documents. Unfortunately, many of these firms are more concerned with marketing than serving their clients. They focus on quantity of cases rather than the quality of service and shuffle clients among different attorneys in the firm. In fact, many simply refer the cases to other attorneys in order to get a referral fee.

We at Wilton Law Firm reject this approach and caution those looking for a lawyer to be wary of attorney advertisements. We believe that effective legal representation is achieved when an attorney provides individual attention and personal commitment to each clients’ distinctive needs.

Our history of successful litigation and settlements allows us to be selective in the cases we choose to pursue and to remain able to engage in frequent personal contact with our clients. When you work with us you can trust that you will never be left out of the loop, and you will always have access to a responsive attorney who is fully familiar with issues of your case.

Because attorney Frank Wilton is a certified civil trial attorney, you can be sure of his expertise, skill and experience. Only 2 percent of lawyers in New Jersey are certified due to the rigor, experience and qualifications that candidates must present. We know that it’s only when this knowledge and experience are combined with a compassionate and empathic approach that we can achieve ideal resolutions for our clients.

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