Municipal Offenders Can Do Community Service Instead of Paying Fines

There are many municipal crimes that most people think aren’t considered all that serious. However, whether it’s a nuisance charge or something that seriously damaged property, all municipal crimes are taken very seriously in small towns all across Monmouth County and throughout NJ. The penalties associated with these crimes can hurt your pocketbook. Usually, if […]

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NJ Increases Fines for Phone Use While Driving

NJ Increases Fines for Phone Use While Driving Garden State lawmakers are determined to hammer home the point: don’t use your phone while driving. People who can’t abide by these rules will now face stiffer punishments, which went into effect on Tuesday, July 1. First time offenders caught talking or texting on their hand held […]

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NJ Marketing Campaign Targets Heroin and Opiate Abuse

Officials in New Jersey have decided to be up-front about the rising number of people who are facing heroin addiction and opiate problems. The state will use $285,000 in a summer-long advertising campaign called “Addiction Does Not Discriminate.” This message will be plastered on billboards across the Garden State, in addition to “Your Medicine Cabinet […]

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Legalized Pot is Making Drug Talk Difficult for Parents

Legalized Pot is Making Drug Talk Difficult for Parents Many years ago during the 1980s, when the message was “just say no,” parents talking to their kids about marijuana use was fairly simple. The old fried egg TV commercial said it best: “This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?” It […]

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Arrested? Don’t Panic, Get Immediate Representation

Arrested? Don’t Panic, Get Immediate Representation There is a reasonable chance that you or someone that you know will be facing an arrest at some point during your lifetime. According to a report published by the criminal justice journal Crime and Delinquency, nearly a third of all American males and more than 20 percent of […]

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